MediaWrapper 3 pr2

MediaWrapper 3 automatically lists and labels disk contents. It's great
for backups, mp3 disks, photo disks or any media where you need the
contents labeled quickly and clearly.

MediaWrapper supports CD, Zip, DVD, Jaz, EZ, Magneto Optical, SuperDisk,
SyJet, SyQuest.

New in this release
* Support for multisession disks
* New layout for Paper CD sleeves
* All layouts are double sided
* Support for a full page front picture on all wrappers

Current information and updates are available at:

New in this version:

* Font Control (font, color, size, and style)
* More Layouts
* More control over layouts
* Double Sided Layouts
* New "Pay what it's worth to you" License

Font Control
Font control lets you specify how the folders and files will appear on
your wrapper. You can control font, size, color and style for the disk
name, date, space free, folders, subfolders and files. You can also setup
filters for Creator, File Type and File
Name which allows you to change the font, color and style for those items.

More Layouts
We have added new layouts for CD's including 2 wrapper designs for cd
wallets. The layout engine has also been re-written making it much easier
to add new layouts as users request them.

More control over layouts
All layouts now have the ability to turn the logo on or off as well as
the ability to turn the Date and Space Free fields on and off. This gives
you more room for the file list.

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