Time Trax II

This software is for the Seiko Datagraph UC-2001.

These screenshots are of the Time Trax II software for the Seiko Datagraph UC-2001. The images were caputured by connecting the Apple II's composite video-out to the video capture card on my Quadra. The low quality of these images is due to the means in which they were captured, not the Time Trax software itself. On your Apple II, Time Trax will be as legible as any other text-based software you run.

The main menu:

Time Trax II - main menu

Add file to Desktop:

Time Trax II - add files

Work with Files:

Time Trax II - work with file

Work with schedule:

Time Trax II - calendar

Choose the entry type:

Time Trax II - choose type

Make the schedule entry:

Time Trax II - make entry

Having moved back to the "Work with a file", menu, make a notepad entry:

Time Trax II - put message

The more options menu:

Time Trax II - more options

The "Transmit to Watch" menu. The option to format text before sending is being selected:

Time Trax II - transmit to watch

Prepare watch for transmission (that means set it on its base station and hit the "Transmit" button):

Time Trax II - prepare watch


Time Trax II - transmitting

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Visual and clear report.