A preview of the the file that will be hosted on GitHub, along with my Python implementation of the game known as UNCLE BERNIE'S CODEBREAKER GAME


Apple Presents...Easter Egg!

Back in 1983, how many users found the secret message in this instructional software?


Bargle program by Sue Espinosa

Bargle Bargle Bargle



Two-disk replica of Prince of Persia

A recent discussion of a buggy crack for Lords of Conquest raised the issue of preserving the original bits from protected software.

So I'm exploring a different approach -- instead of patching games to bypass copy-protection code (ie: 'cracking') why not devise methods of satisfying the copy-protection checks without patching the code?

A very effective Applesoft memory test

Here's a simple-but-effective Applesoft program that rigorously tests main memory.

In its first pass, the program uses Applesoft's pseudorandom number generator to fill addresses 4096 through 49151 ($1000 to $BFFF).

In its second pass, it resets the pseudorandom number generator and computes the same sequence again...but this time it compares the values that were previously stored in memory and detects any that don't match.

BeOS: A Retrospective

A look back at the innovative BeOS operating system.

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Balderdoush Startup
Balderdoush is an adaptation of Boulderdash, one of the best games on C64 and ATARI 130XE.

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Time Trax II

Time Trax II - main menu
The calendar software for interacting with the Seiko Datagraph wristwatch.

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