Tea Support

Hey folks -

For anyone interested, yes I am working on the 'Fritter, it's just going rather slowly. This next issue will contain my Keynote article (absurdly dated by now), a Doc Webster article as always, a quick article on using stylesheets within a webpage, a review of Cory Doctorows "Eastern Standard Tribe", though mainly focussing on the license behind the book, and a review of the book "Mac Confidential 2.0" which I've just finished.

I'm so utterly happy someone actually sent me a review copy of something :macos:

As for work right now, I'm finally out of High School and I'm working phone tech support (or will be in two weeks once I get out of training). Work's from 7 am to 2:30 pm, so I'm usually home by 3, so as soon as I get some stuff done, I should have a fair amount more time to work on AF stuff. Getting up at 6 sucks, but I've developed a new appreciation for tea and my thermos.

Speaking of which, I've been told that because of the amount of sugar I put in my tea, it actually smells like fruitloops. As I've got a horrid sense of smell, I can't actually tell. Is there anything I can put in my tea to kill the smell so that I don't distract folks?