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Kiwis for Breakfast

I love making software do things it wasn't intended to do.

Drupal wasn't, as far as I know, intended to run two separate forum systems off of one user base, sharing users/passwords/sessions/etc. But we're doing it for Kiwi. And that's just cool. And I'm sure once all the features requests come in (there's already one requesting a merged tracker option) we'll do some more impossible things.

Now, I'm off for breakfast at Milliways.

(Now some Drupal guru is going to pop up and tell me that I just needed the ezKiwi module or something)

Bringing Back The 'Fritter

Ok folks, here's what's been running through my head for the last while. You may have noticed that it's been almost one of those year things since we stopped producing The 'Fritter around here. I think we've probably all pronounced it dead and buried. I'm interested in starting up another similar project (probably hosted and operated outside of Applefritter), and I'm wondering if there's any sort of demand for yet another 'zine? If there is, what kind of material do you folks want to see more of?

Tea Support

Hey folks -

For anyone interested, yes I am working on the 'Fritter, it's just going rather slowly. This next issue will contain my Keynote article (absurdly dated by now), a Doc Webster article as always, a quick article on using stylesheets within a webpage, a review of Cory Doctorows "Eastern Standard Tribe", though mainly focussing on the license behind the book, and a review of the book "Mac Confidential 2.0" which I've just finished.


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