Bringing Back The 'Fritter

Ok folks, here's what's been running through my head for the last while. You may have noticed that it's been almost one of those year things since we stopped producing The 'Fritter around here. I think we've probably all pronounced it dead and buried. I'm interested in starting up another similar project (probably hosted and operated outside of Applefritter), and I'm wondering if there's any sort of demand for yet another 'zine? If there is, what kind of material do you folks want to see more of?

Just curious. If anything comes of this blog, I'll throw a link up to it eventually. Probably looking at a July/August launch time even if I get going on it right away. With enough time to look back on the 'Fritter, I think I've seen the areas where we really needed some work, as well as seeing what our strengths our.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Robert Warwick


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I would like to see this come back. I just recently found out about it, and when I mentioned it, they deleted the remaining articles that had survived for this long. idiots. It was a great idea, and I woul love to see it in either a newsletter (email) form, or perhaps reincarnated as a weekly/byweekly/or even monthly podcast.

-digital Wink

. . . cool stuff to do with applications. Whether it's iTunes or Dreamweaver or whatever. Written simply so just about anyone can understand them. Collectively 'fritters know a ton but singly we may not.


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Excuse my ignorance. What is/was "the 'Fritter?" Is there a link?

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Most of the questions that will likely come up in this thread are answered here