PowerCalc 5.1

John Mauro Software is proud to announce the release of PowerCalc 5.1,
one of the most powerful and intuitive scientific calculators for Mac OS.

Now PowerCalc is more user-friendly than ever. Version 5.1 includes a
tape window to record all the calculations that have been entered into
PowerCalc. The data in this window may be saved to a file and opened
later. It can also be printed or copied into another program. Recording
may be toggled on and off by clicking on the "Record" check box in the
tape window.

Version 5.1 also features built-in constants for atomic number and mass
values for all the elements on the periodic table. These may be easily
accessed and entered into the calculator from the constants palette.
Other function palettes contain buttons for unit conversions,
trigonometry, probability, exponential, integer, bitwise, relational, and
logical operations.

As always, PowerCalc supports full balloon help. If you ever have any
question about what a particular button does, just turn on balloon help
and point to it. A balloon will pop up explaining how to use the
feature. PowerCalc can store up to 1000 values in memory, and
PowerCalc's interface is completely customizable. PowerCalc 5.1 is 100%
compatible with Apple's new version of the Appearance control panel.
Also, PowerCalc 5.1 is optimized for the G4 Velocity Engine. Of course,
all PowerPC and 68K Macintosh models are also supported.

PowerCalc is the perfect program for anyone interested in a powerful,
easy-to-use shareware calculator for Mac OS.

Also available from John Mauro Software are Cyberopoly, Digital Wipeout,
Trilite, and PowerCalc Lite. With Cyberopoly, you can play as Bill Gates
or Steve Jobs and try to take over the computer industry. Digital
Wipeout is an educational math game that's fun for people of any age.
Trilite is a simple game similar to tic-tac-toe, but much more fun and
challenging. Finally, PowerCalc Lite is a simplified version of

Please feel free to distribute unregistered versions of my programs to
any interested users. PowerCalc 5.1 is a free upgrade for all registered
users of PowerCalc 5.0. If you have any questions concerning PowerCalc
or John Mauro Software, please write to maurojc@kagi.com.

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