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Bookends Plus is the leading reference management/bibliography generation
application created exclusively for the Macintosh. As a Mac-first and
Mac-only product, Bookends has long been a leader in adopting MacOS
technologies, including AppleEvents, QuickTime, and Apple Guide on-line
help. Bookends is also the only Macintosh product of its kind that can
serve its contents on the Web in real-time, allowing multiple users to
share, and even add or edit, information with users around the world on any

The latest version of Bookends is even more tightly integrated with the Web
than its predecessors, and will take advantage of the latest in Apple's
QuickTime technology to expand the boundaries of reference management. The
ability of Bookends to display any QuickTime-compatible graphic and to open
any document for viewing or editing in the application that created it
makes it a powerful tool for virtually any kind of information management.

Among the recent improvements to Bookends Plus are:

* Bookmark web sites in Bookends and go to them directly from a Bookends

* Import references directly from the clipboard (makes importing references
from the web a snap).

* The ability to format a footnote differently depending on whether it is
being cited for the first time or after an initial citation. This is
particularly useful for footnotes or bibliographies using styles for the

* Expanded graphics support. You can view any type of document supported by
QuickTime 3 (available at no cost from Apple Computer). In conjunction with
the Attach feature, this means that you can examine virtually any kind of
graphic (diagram, picture, plasmid map, chemical structure, even video)
from within Bookends.

* Web users can edit references in a Bookends database via the web (with a
password protection option).

This is a free evaluation copy of Bookends Plus which can also be
downloaded from the Sonny Software web site ( All
features are enabled in the evaluation copy except that databases are
limited to a maximum of 15 references. Once purchased, Sonny Software will
supply a registration number that will "unlock" the evaluation version and
remove this restriction.

This new release of Bookends Plus supersedes all other versions of Bookends.

Visit our web site to learn more about Bookends and download an evaluation
copy and complete electronic manual.

Sonny Software

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Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology
Tel: (301) 402-4849
FAX: (301) 402-4844


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