BB's and acoustic couplers

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BB's and acoustic couplers

How do i connect my Apple IIe to an acoustic coupler, what type should i look for, and what software do i need to connect to BB's and network with other apple II's. I have never don this before so i need all the info/help that i can get.

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Ps. Does anyone know if their are still any active BB's. If so what are their numbers.

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Wow. . .

Wow. . . an acoustic coupler, now that's old tech. Those were really only necessary when telephone wires weren't modular (with the small clip-in plugs) and you couldn't easily unplug your phone.

Uhm I never used one of those things on an Apple II. I think that the fastest baud rate that I ever heard of for one of those was 300bps (fairly slow). The typical set-up (in the day), and I used too, was a SuperSerial card plugged into an external modem with the telephone cord plugged directly into the modem, then if you wanted to you plug your phone into the "phone-out" jack on the modem. If you have a //c or //c+ you don't need the card, it's built in.

You can still pick up modems at electronic surplus places and thrift stores if you look real hard. The Apple II's could only handle 19,200bps maximum (unless the IIGS could do more) or what today would be referred to as a 19k modem (versus the 52k modem built into most computers now).

You'll also need some A][ communications software. I forget the name of the latest greatest one. It had the prefix "Pro" in it, as in ProDOS.

As far as finding active dial-up BBS's, try a Google search. I have, and awhile ago, and found mostly dead links.

One of the problems that you'll discover is that there are so few of them (I think) that you'll have to deal with the long distance charges.

Please post a note here if you find any active ones that'll let you call in at 19,200bps. Good luck.

(If you get desperate for the modem, cable, serial card, or/and software, send me a private message, I can set you up.)

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Micromodem II on ebay now

Here's an eBay item now, several cards including a Micromodem II. Just plug it into your phone jack get the software from asimov and your all set.

Still not used to fritter 2 so I'm not sure if address will come out right


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what's the web address for as

what's the web address for asimov and how do i get the software from my pc to my apple IIe.


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Re:What's the web address

There's a fair bit on transfering files between computers in the FAQ which is located at


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Acoustic modems

Geez! I have one of those old Apple acoustic 300 baud
modems in my parts box! Never used it because I figured
it to be too slow/obsolete. Kept it as a collector bit.

I can remember when we had one on our communications
desk back in the 1970's!
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