MS Natural Driver 1.01

As wonderful as the new iMacs and Blue and White G3 Macintoshes are, they
don't come with the most comfortable USB keyboards (or mice). The best
replacement I found was Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite, but to touch
typists the Open-Apple and Option keys were switched when using Apple's
generic keyboard driver.

The MS Natural Driver fixes this by moving the Open-Apple and Option keys
to a more familiar position for Mac users. Also, the PC application key has
been remapped to a power key.

For more info and downloads, please go to

Key Features:
- Switches the "Option" and "Command" keys for touch typists.
- Turns the "Application" key into a "Power" key. Note: This key will not
start up your computer, but can be used to shutdown/restart.
- Optional version of driver sends Dvorak keys instead of Qwerty.

- System 8.5 or greater.
- Microsoft

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