MyEyes 2.3.5J (japanese version of MyEyes)

What is MyEyes?
MyEyes draws on the menubar a pair of eyes constantly following the cursor
Using a control panel you can modify almost every aspect of the eyes
(color, position, behaviour).
MyEyes also supports plug-ins (External Eyes Sets), giving users the
opportunity of designing their
own eyes icons and/or use icons made by other people.

System requirements
68020/030/040 or PowerPC;
80 KBytes free memory for the extension;
Mac OS 7.1 or later;
Color QuickDraw.

What's new in MyEyes_JP 2.3.5J?
- MyEyes_JP 2.3.5J is the japanese localized version of MyEyes 2.3.5.

The MyEyes_JP package is distributed in form of an "Installer" application.
To install MyEyes_JP just launch the installer and follow the simple
instructions. It is recommended to restart your computer after installation.

MyEyes_JP 2.3.5J is 12$ shareware.
You can distribute MyEyes_JP freely, provided that you leave the software and
the accompanying documentation unchanged. You can include MyEyes_JP in CD-ROMs
and other software collections only by previous agreement.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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