FS: iBook parts

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FS: iBook parts

Spring cleaning time; I've collected several broken ibooks so anyone interested in parts, everything, etc, just ask with an offer.

Here's what I got:

iBook 900 G3 12" 32 mb vram, it died on me but I'm pretty sure it's the graphics card. The screen suddenly got lines all over it and if you boot it up after a few hours of cooling down, it'll almost get to the desktop and then get lines again. It boots in target disk mode.

iBook 900 G3 14" 32 mb vram, motherboard died on this one...apple store said nothing could be done except replacing the whole mobo. I salvaged the hard drive. So basically it's just the case + lcd, both of which are in above average shape.

iBook Clamshell Blueberry, I believe it's 233 mhz, 128ram it's got os 9.something installed. Only issue is that the battery can't hold a charge. Else, would make an awesome server. I'll have to boot it up for exact specs.From what I gather, a ram upgrade will allow os x to install.

Please ask for pictures or specs if you're interested in all or parts of these ibooks. I'm in the LA area, near/around Westwood if you want to see the parts. Or I'm happy to mail USPS or Fedex (both on buyer expense).
contact: fmaurer at usc dot edu (replace the at and dot with respective symbols)