Free stuff for our DFW members

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Free stuff for our DFW members

I need to clear out some stuff as I am getting ready to move.

All of this is free, and I will not ship. Because this stuff is free there is no warranty.

I live south or Arlington, go to UTA, and work at 635 and 35 in Dallas. So I have quite a wide area we can meet at.

1. A emtpy B&W G3 case. It does have a logicboard in it, but it is flaky at best.

2. Quadra 800. It has been over a year since I turned it on, but last time I used it worked fine. IIRC 64 or 80MB ram. 500MB Hard drive, CD-ROM.

3. PB540. 20MB ram and 20MB Hard drive. Has the power adapter.

4. Apple IIgs Woz edition. It was given to me by a friend. He told me that the powersupply needs to be recapped as it the system is not stable. I never got around to it, but should be easy for someone handy with a soldering iron.

5. A Ethernet CD-ROM server that I built years ago. It has a 12x and 6x caddy load plextor CD-ROM in it. It is bult in a external 2 drive SCSI case.

6. SGI Indy. 64mb ram, no hard drive.

That is all for now, but there will be more later.