USB external hd not working.

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USB external hd not working.

First off my setup is a MacBook Pro, 1.83Ghz, 1gb ram. the hd is a 160gb seagate barracuda. The drive is formated with Mac OS Extended (journaled).

I have a 160gb external hard drive and I can not get it to mount properly unless i restart with the hd turned on. If i restart, get the hd working and eject it to move my MacBook, it will not mount again until i restart with the hd connected and turned on. Also if i restart, and i get the hd mounted, i will try to copy something to it and it will stop in the middle of the copy and hang and hang then it won't let me stop the copy so i have to force restart the MacBook. I have also tried Another external hd and it did the same thing. I have also tried this hd on a PowerBook G4 running 10.4.5 and it also does the same thing. I have reason to beleive it is a conflict with x.4.5 because if i use my old PowerBook G4 titanium wich is running 10.4.2 it works perfectly fine and mounts and ejects. I have also tried to repair disk permissions and a disk repair but they both turned up nothing wrong. Please any ideas will really be appreciated.