External CD Rom on Color Classic

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External CD Rom on Color Classic

Hi there,

I recently purchased a Color Classic & upgraded the motherboard to a LC575. I also upgraded to HD to a 2 Gig.

Everything starts up just fine, however I need to install the system software - here's where I've run into problems:

The Mac smiley face appears and then is followed by the "question mark". I've tried restarting with the Mac 7.1 OS start-up disk, but I receive a message that the 7.1 OS is not compatible with my computer (I've tried restarting with the original motherboard and HD, but I get the same message).

I have a full version of the Mac OS system 7.5 on CD (non-powerpc version), but I'm not sure how to get my Color Mac to recognize the external CD Rom.

Any suggestions out there??

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Have you tried anything with

Have you tried anything with the CD drive? It might just boot without a special driver. If not you need a patched CD driver, unless it's an Apple drive.

7.1 needs a system enabler - see the Mystic options page on my site:



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Do a Google Search for Apple

Do a Google Search for Apple CD-ROM 5.3.1.

That particular iteration of the extension works with most any CDROM drive under the sun. It comes with OS 7.6. If you have that you can use TomeViewer to get it. If not, check out Gamba's website...I am sure it's there. My Mystic is using a slim toshiba (?) external CDROM drive to play music as my old Apple branded caddy drive is getting cranky about mounting disks.


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Boot the Mac with the CD in the drive...

for me this almost always works as the Mac will use the CD's driver to mount the CD. That's the built-in driver on the bootable CD disk, not the mechanism. In fact, I can't recall that ever not working except when there was something wrong with the CD or the drive.

To get the Mac to boot from the CD, hold down the key combo cmd-opt-shift-delete to prevent the Mac from using the default startup device.


Dan K

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