Free books you pay shipping.

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Free books you pay shipping.

Okay moving more stuff out to prepare for my move coming up in May.

Here the deal. I will ship as many that will fit in a 13.625" x 11.875" x 3.375" or 11" x 8.5" x 5.5" box for $8.10 in the US. Depending on the size of the book you can get 4 - 6 in a box. List the books you want in order of preference and I will put them in the box.

Payment by PayPal only.

IIS 4 Exam Cram ISBN 1576106780
UNIX Complete ISBN 078212528X
Windows NT Server Enterprise Technologies PN 097-0002128
1001 MCSE Tips ISBN ISBN 1884133622
The Complete Reference Linux 4th ed ISBN 0072129409
Leran C on the Macintosh ISBN 0201567857
Cisco Netowrking Academy Program First Year Companion Guide ISBN 1587130033
Administerering SQL Server 7 Exam Cram ISBN 1576102270
SQL Server 6.5 Administration Study Guide ISBN0782121721
SQL For Dummies ISBN 0764504150
C for Dummies Vol 1 ISBN1878058789
C for Dummies Vol 2 ISBN156884915x
MS SQL Server Training 2 vols with CDrom ISBN 1556159307
Upgrading and Repairing PCs ISBN 0789708256
Mac OS in a Nutshell ISBN1565925335
UNIX for Dummies 3rd ed ISBN0764501305
CNE4 Short Course ISBN1562055135
Designing Active Server Pages ISBN 0596000448
Windows 2000 Complete ISBN 0782127215
MS Windows 2000 Server PN 0970002884
Building Internet Firewalls ISBN 1565921240
TCP/IP Network Administration ISBN 156923227
Linux for Dummies Quick Reference ISBN 0764504223
Windows NT Network Management ISBN 1562059467
Windows NT Backup & Restore ISBN 1565922727
The Complete FreeBSD ISBN 1571762469
Sair Linux and GNU Certification ISBN 0471369780
Linux Network Administrators Guide ISBN 1565920872
Cisco Certifies Network Associate Study Guide ISBN 0782126472
Mac OS X Unleashed ISBn0672322293
TiVo Hacks ISBN 0596005539
C++ for Dummies ISBN 15688841639
Technician Class Ham radio Preparation Guide ISBN 0945053274
Special Edition Using Java 2 EE ISBN 0789725037

Anything not spoken for by the end next week will be going to used book store. They don't pay anything for the books so I would rather give them to someone.