Powerbook only partly powers on

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Powerbook only partly powers on

Problem: My powerbook G4 500mhz will only partly power up. The keyboard will light up, the proccessor will heat up, but nothing else. No hard disk, Cd, system fan, screen, sound, nothin.

The Powerbook has had several startup issues at a time for a while, including this one. All of them could be temporarily resolved by exerting moderate preasure on the heatspreader and proccessor underneath. the problems didn't get any worse until i removed the internal modem, afterwhich it got much worse until it finally reached this point. I did put the modem back in, but didn't help.

Lastly, the laptop has been extremely sensitive to shock, which was related to the preasure sensitive proccessor. I totally disassembled it, then put it back together, but NO change. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this thing started up, at least?