Value of a first run of functional 6502 silicon

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Value of a first run of functional 6502 silicon

I'm most of use know of the 6502 and someof it's history. Last night I was at dinner with ax0n and some other friends. One man used to work in a local fab/design company. He'd talked to Chuck Peddle a long time ago, and he said he also happens to have an original 6502 (or 6501) from the first run of functional silicon that MOS produced. I know people will pay big bucks for an Apple I, a KIM 1 has some value, but what about a first run CPU? I'm guessing it's got quite some value for the line changing the dynamics of the market, but I have no idea what a collector might deem it worth. I'd like to know any ideas because it's something I think the guy might want to put insurance on as a piece of computing history.

He's also a big fan of Forth and of Chuck Moore. He's got a physics background too. Quite the intersting guy to have around for a 2600 meeting.