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OS0 install help

So I bought this tangerine clamshell ibook for $50 dollars. OS 9 didnt really have any good apps so installed ubuntu linux(big mistake). Now I want to install OSX with xpostfacto. But i need to install os 9 for xpostfacto to work. I didnt get a OS 9 restore/install cd when I bought it so i got one off a torrent site. When i boot it gives me a grey screen with a floppy with a blinking "?". Any fixes for this or am i stuck with *nix?

Thanks in advance

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Not that I am condoning pirac

Not that I am condoning piracy of copyrighted software, but did you burn the image correctly?

You need to ensure you burn it as an image, not just as a file on a CD.

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Stupid Question, But...

Did you hold down C on the keyboard while trying to boot from the cd?

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it is booting from the cd...

it is booting from the cd... i know this because it goes to a grey screen instead of a black screen. I burned the image using disk manager on my friends mac. I dont think its piracy because this computer came with a copy of OS 9, I just lost it. So technically i have a licence.

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piracy shmiracy!

The iBook came with OS9 so phillipse is entitled to install a copy, no matter where they get that copy. Heck, back in the day when I got a used Mac I'd call up Apple and ask they send me a replacement copy of the original install media. They never refused, always sent it no charge. Dunno if they'll still do that anymore though . . .

phillipse, what format is (or at least what's the file's extension of) the disk image you DLed?

Edit: Oh yeah - some of the older CD-ROM drives sometimes have a tough time reading CD-R media. Not the first thing I'd suspect here, but if all else fails, try burning to different brand media.

dan k

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It was a *.dmg i got it from isohunt.com. I dont think its the right cd I need. A guy in the irc channel agreed with me about with the licence issue and helped me get a universal 9.1 cd. I hope it works. I have to wait because i dont have a mac to burn the cds. Sad

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Blueberry/Tangerines came with OS 8.6 I believe, but later revisions came w/ 9.1/9.2 ;). Anyways, back to the point, what version of OS X are you trying to install? OS X 10.1-10.3 will install in a tang. without XPostFacto. Tiger's a different story though. Dankephoto is right though that some clamshells have a hard time with certain CD-R media, so you might want to try on different brands.


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The last models had firewire,

The last models had firewire, so I bet they would install tiger too, but with a 366MHz processor, and a ram celing of 320mb (unless you get a 512 to work in there) who would want to? As for the flaky drives, you can either use an external or replace the internal (iirc)


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you dont need to burn a boota

you dont need to burn a bootable Mac OS cd with a Mac. it can be done on a pc. but since its a .dmg i dunno about a pc being able to burn those types of images mabe if it was a .img you could that was the format i made of my real OS 9.2.1 install cd for backup purpose i used nero in windows xp and used the image burning option in nero and asked me what image i wanted to open i selected to show all and i selected the .img this was a test to see if a pc could burn a bootable Mac cd and it did. my Mac has a burner on it so i didnt have to resourt to doing it tho but wanted to test and it did work. al you have to do is select the hfs option in the dialoug box. it will say its a unsuported image but it should burn just fine

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One thing to try is to rename

One thing to try is to rename the file from .dmg to .iso and see if it burns ok on a PC. Sometimes it's all in a name only, unless they enabled the compression or encryption parts of DMG.

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