TV on a G5

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TV on a G5

we are looking at getting a new g5. well not new, but refurb.
i am looking at pairing it with a flatscreen.
what is the best wat to add TV capability to it.
i would really love to put it in the bedroom and use it both as the main computer and as a tv for the bedroom. i don't really need a DVR b/c we have one of those downstairs.
but i really want a remote.

we were also looking at getting a tv with a dvi input. will that work good as a monitor also, or does a good tv not a monitor make??

these are the 2 we looked at
size is not the concern, neither is the brand. they are just 2 that the store had on display.

thanks a ton


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Look at Elgato's line of TV tuners. I've had an EyeTV USB for a while and recently picked up a refurbed EyeTV 200. Both models are for regular analog television broadcast and cable signal. Neither can pickup HDTV.

The EyeTV USB model is discontinued but they show up on eBay regularly in the $100 - $125 range. The MPEG-1 output is OK, but not DVD quality, more like videotape. Recorded show file sizes are smallish however. Channel changing takes a second or two, the lag can get annoying for complusive channel surfers. No remote is included, but you can buy separate remote Macintosh controllers.

The EyeTV 200 is a FireWire device and outputs MPEG-2 (as well as MPEG-1 and MP4) and it looks much better at the higher quality settings. File sizes though are much larger at higher Q. There's nearly zero lag switching between channels. It includes a decent IR remote. Cost is around $300.

I had a problem with the first example (EyeTV 200) they sent me, the sound dropped out after a few seconds of operation. A couple of emails back and forth to their tech support had them send me a brandnew example, along with a return UPS sticker to send them the old one back. Zero hassle support, I'm quite satisfied.

Their other current similar devices for analog TV are EyeTV EZ (~US$150) and the EyeTV 250 (not be available yet? looks like it'll be ~US$200), both connect via USB 1.1/2.0.

The EyeTV software is quite functional and easy to use. The latest v2.0 requires Tiger, but the older v1.8.x works fine on my Panther equipped QS. You can web browse the channel guide (TitanTV) and select shows to record.

I really love having the PVR features in a TV, so the EyeTV 200 is perfect for me, using the large display and G4 Mac I already have. I can't imagine spending any money on a 'dumb' TV at this point. If you're already going to buy an iMac then this type of device makes alot of sense.

dan k

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Eye TV 500 for HDTV

I've been EYEING (harr, harr) one of these for awhile. They require G4 500Mhz minimum (probably can barely handle it) but need a dual 2.5Mhz for HDTV recording. It has the HDTV receiver in it, but needs an antenna. These are available for about half of retail on Ebay.


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