what to do with albook

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what to do with albook

i'm abour to get an albook g4, but after the dissapoinments i've had with my ibook, i want to upgrade the powerbook to make it faster before i have to go through the hell of a fast computer seeming to go slower than it should. i was thinking of putting in a much larger, faster hard drive (5400 rpm and 80 gb maybe), a superdrive, and maxing out the ram. i have to replace the bottom in the process while the computer is open since the bottom casing got bent on a corner and the drive slot. i was wondering what drives and ram everyone would reccomend for the machine. if you need to know the exact model, i'll get the information when i get it.

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Seagate Momentus drives have always been good in my experience... and you can get them in up to 160GB models! AFAIK they are the largest laptop hard drives available at the moment.

As for RAM, Crucial stuff is the best. It's slightly more expensive, but is rock solid, and their service is great.



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Over the last decade or so I've had flawless experiences with old-tyme RAM vendors DMS and Other World Computing

dan k.

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I got a Momentus 80GB drive i

I got a Momentus 80GB drive in my Mac mini. The thing is really pretty quiet. It's much more quiet than the Toshiba 20GB that came in my iBook. The Momentus line has FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearings) so you don't get the whine and hum like regulat ball and needle bearing drives.

My own breathing and the slight hum of the fan over powers the 22DBa of the Momentus. Human hearing thresholds about 24DBa...

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what's also awesome about seagates is the 5 yr manufacturer's warranty...

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