Please, Please Help Save Us.

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Please, Please Help Save Us.

We need every last little bit we can get to save Pweb Networks. A place
i've known for a long time is down in profits, and I know you good
people can help us.

Make a Donation

Or if you dont have PayPal, or have no cash to spare, take time to click
on these links, which all have the Pweb Profit-Generating ad on them.

Pweb Ad Page
MacForum Community
Macs Are Friends
Pweb Home Page
SWF Games

Please, it would mean a lot to me if you did this. I know you're good
people, help me with this, just this one time.

Please... Cray 2

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Forgive me, but it looks like

Forgive me, but it looks like you're asking for donations to a for-profit site, so that others can enjoy free web hosting.

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