imac g3 cdrom problems

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imac g3 cdrom problems

i pulled my imac ( 266mhz a blue fruit colour for those that want to know) appart because i had to replace the
hard drive. Now i cant for the life of me get the cd rom mounted flush so i can open and close it.
can someone tell me the neat trick of putting it in properly please.

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Anklebone connecka to the thighbone

In all probability you have not restored the spatial relationship between CD-ROM and HDD. What, specifically, I can't see from here, but use this description and pics to confirm your installation and reassembly.


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HAHA! I know what you mean d

HAHA! I know what you mean dude, and it's happened on all my tray loaders. Very easy and free fix, and quite handy.

Grab some tape. Any kind will do. With the CD-ROM in its place on the component tray, like you're about to slide it back into the main case, tape the CD-ROM drive in place (In its farthest foward position) with a bunch of tape to hold it like that. Then turn the case on its face (monitor) and slowly slide the tray back in. It requires a push as there are two metal pins that need to force onto the plastic guide tracks. Once it gets past that point, it'll shoot forward a bit. But slowly slide it down, and with your fingers under the front case, feel that you've made it fit flush. It may require pulling it back up a bit and sliding it forward again, but it usually goes flush the first or second time. All the tape does is hold it in place while you fit it flush. Works great. Have fun.

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