I Finally Did it.

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I Finally Did it.

at 02:30:37, on May, 5th, 2006, I reached my own Holy Grail.

I successfully got our old friend, Rhapsody DR2 x86 to INSTALL AND RUN under Virutual PC!!

this is all under OS 9, of course.

it's slow as hell, but I only allocated 32mb of ram, and the 15gb HD image VPC gives each empty PC was seen in full at the beginning, but when it formatted, it only used 8025 or 7gb of space.

also, the icons are WAY too big, but everything else runs fine.

my NeXTstep (pun intended), is to get network servaces installed, and run a web browser on it. If anybody has one, I will be delighted to try and get it running. I did some digging, and the only one I read about was Omniweb Beta 3, but it only runs on DR1, and according to an archived site of thiers, they say they included a copy of thier web browser on the DR2 CD. however, I cannot find it. maybe it's not on the x86 CD, or maybe I dont know where to look.

oh, and for all you anti-piracy advocates, I obtained this legally, in a set of CDs that was bought from a friend in an Apple teacher set plastic binder. I also got clarisworks 4, softwindows 95 1.0, the PPC verson of DR2, and a bunch of other goodies I havnt had a chance to play with yet. AND NO I WILL NOT MAKE IMAGES OR COPIES OF ANYTHING. Do not waste your breath. And, yes, I have a lisence for Windows 2000, but Ubuntu is free, so if you want a good linux distro with an awsome GUI, check out ubuntu. they have both x86 and PPC builds, so you can run Ubuntu nativly on your mac. it's what I used on the machine before OS 9.

of course, a man is only as good as his proof, so here we go:

oh, and dont freak about the double pointers in the pic, but hitting the command key causes VPC to make you return to your world. that includes your "real" mouse pointer, and the combo to take screenshots with is command-shift-3 for anybody who wants to know.

and the theme is panther, via kaleidescope, with A-dock for the dock, and a few resedit hacks for the startup OS 9 pic, and the OS 9 pic in "About this Mac".

enjoy. -digital Wink

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post em! Cant wait to see it. Whered you get the copy of Rhapsody?


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