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For Sale

I am currently "upgrading" an old Macintosh LC 575 and have a spare M/B - MotherBoard - handy and also a mouse and keyboard cable - just the cable, the M/B has no ram though. It takes two simm 68 pin EDO rams - specifically for Mac - and 1 Dimm 72 pin EDO ram card - Intel And Mac -
All in fine working condition last time I used them, which was only yesterday - 10/05/06 -
I am going to spraypaint the case black and put a "Perspex Window" in the "Roof" of the case. I will then line the Perspex with black rubber {or similar} and paint the buttons bright white or red. I have pulled ALL the "Guts" out of it - except the chassis - and am putting in a mini ITX board - for intel - because but it is becoming increasingly hard to get "newerish" Mac parts for what I need, But there is nothing wrong with I.B.M and Intel or Dell etc...
If you have any Ideas that might help please E-Mail me @:

Remember 1 X Board, Mouse & Keyboard CABLE so Make an offer!
And if you want a rear panel I also have one of them - though I don't really want to give it away or sell it.