FS - iBook 12" 800mhz

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FS - iBook 12" 800mhz

I have for sale, a 12" iBook G3 running at 800 mhz. The unit had it's logic board replaced through the REA program in November of 2005, REA coverage expires on June 19, 2006. While in for service, Apple replaced the optical drive, top case, and airport antenna. The unit is in beautiful condition, as it looks and feels like it is brand new. It has 10.3.9 installed on it. I replaced the battery recently, as the old battery was at the end of its life cycle. This unit is as nice as you will find in an iBook G3. I'd like to get $400 for it, but I am negotiable. The $400 price includes shipping within the continental U.S. Below are the specs on the unit.

640 mb of RAM
30gb Hard Drive
CD-ROM Drive
Airport Card
56k Modem
New Battery (with less than 20 charge cycles)