geeky Linux PPC platform

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geeky Linux PPC platform

If anybody's looking for a geeky PPC to play around with Linux, this should fit the bill:

IBM Industrial Computer Model 7586

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IBM RS/6000

That looks an awful lot like the 43p. The 43p used the same enclosure that the IBM PC 750 utilized. A good 43p-140 can be had for around $100 on eBay . I used to work with these in my days at IBM. Though, the real fun was the F50. Here's an example on ebay. Good times .

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I suppose it was a truely gee

I suppose it was a truely geeky trade when I traded a 43p-100 for a SGI Indigo. Now I almost wish I had picked up a 6015 when I originally got the 7248 43p... There were also some other cool PPC workstations there at the time. ;(

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