Unusual black highlight boxes

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Unusual black highlight boxes
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I received this interesting email from a friend. Anybody have any idea what the problem is?

here's several images of my wierd black boxes that
materalized this week. they follow me everywhere i
go.... on the desktop, quark, when i open images, even
to the internet. and then when i move on, the black
box sometimes stays in its same spot for a minute and
leaves a random black rectangle in the middle of
nothing. It's strange.






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im sure youve already tried this but.....
1st thing i would do is:

1. repair permissions
2. download the mac osx 10.4.6 combined update from the apple website (about 110+- MB)
3. install combined update (it will update bezel frameworks and such)
4. repair permissions again and reboot.

like i said, you prob already didi tha, but if not give it a try and let us know...


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Try creating another user acc

Try creating another user account on the machine and see if the problem follows. I have a gut feeling it's something preferences-related, along the lines of the accessibility options. If the problem follows into the new user account, then it's someting core OS related and a reformat and reinstall should be considered.

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Open System Preferences.
Go to "Universal Access"
Set Voiceover to "Off"

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I concur. The cursor doesn't

I concur. The cursor doesn't seem to update with every page change I do in Safari. It seems to maintain the magnified image of the same area of the new page that was highlighted in the previous page, until I perform some action to change the cursors highlight. BTW the hotkey for turning VO on and off is Cmd-F5. I'd think it got turned on by accident fairly easily.

It's interesting that there is a mode that I can use to work on my mini without my glasses. I'm so nearsighted I have a clear focal distance of 7" from the tip of my nose, with out correction. Sitting at my normal distance from my 19" LCD screen, I can barely make out that the AF logo says applefritter without correction. The variable magnification of the voiceover utility is pretty useful.

Obviously there are still a few bugs in how voiceover works...

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It definitely looks like Voic

It definitely looks like Voiceover. I'll pass word along. Thanks BDub, and thanks to all others who replied.

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