FS: 2 iPods, accessories, 160MB PCMCIA flash card

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FS: 2 iPods, accessories, 160MB PCMCIA flash card
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I just bought a new iPod because I wanted more space, so now I need to sell off some stuff to make up for it. Wink

I have for sale the following; add $6 to each for shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or e-mail cwwirth@applefritter.com. Thanks!

30GB 3rd Gen iPod with Accessories

--30GB 3rd gen iPod in excellent condition. It was given to me 9 months ago at an Apple Store as a replacement for my previous iPod, which had a dead hard drive. As soon as I got this iPod, it immediately went into my Contour Showcase, so there are practically no scratches on the unit. The battery lasts about 6 hours, and it's worked well. Never has been dropped or abused.
--Contour Showcase hardshell case. Includes belt clip.
--Original Apple slipcase. Only used a few times.
--Two iSkin silicone cases with belt clips, screen protectors and clear vinyl zippered cases. Colors are clear (which photographed yellow) and blue, which will glow green in the dark when exposed to light. The blue one also has a larger cutout at the top for use with accessories.
--iPod dock and FireWire cable.
--New, sealed iPod headphones.

I'd like to sell this as a lot. Asking $200 OBO.


5GB 1st Gen iPod for Parts or Repair
My neighbor gave me this iPod after it started acting strangely for him. The iPod will start up and take you to the main menu, but after a few seconds it will freeze. I tried replacing the hard drive; didn't help. The casing is in fair condition; it's not perfect but it's not the worst I've ever seen (has some scratches and a small dent, plus some wear on the front). I don't have another 1st gen to swap parts from, so I really don't know what's wrong with this one, but the hard drive is definitely not the problem. Asking $60 OBO.


5GB Replacement iPod Hard Drive
I bought this hard drive on eBay in an attept to fix the 5GB iPod above. Since it didn't fix the problem, I took it out. The hard drive passed the iPod's internal diagnostics, so it should be a good replacement for 1st/2nd gen with a bad HDD or for installing in an external case. Asking $30 OBO.


160MB Lexar PCMCIA flash card
Pretty self-explanatory. It's a PCMCIA flash card, for use in PowerBooks and old digital cameras. Lots of hack potential with older PBs and eliminating the need for an internal HDD. Asking $20 OBO.


Griffin iTalk voice recorder for iPod
Voice recorder attachment for 3rd/4th gen iPods. Connects to the headphone jack on top; has built-in mic and speaker, and includes a mic in/headphone jack on top. Only used once or twice; comes in original box with manual. Asking $20 OBO.