Faulty MDD

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Faulty MDD
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I have a feeling i posted this before, if i did it doesnt matter as I have more information now.

My MDD is having problems, occasionally when I start it up (usually) it kernel panicks at some point (since i've started writing this it's started to work ok but i still dont think it's right)

I obtained it because it was crashing so much that the previous owner gave it to me!

Anyway, here is a transcript of the last kernel panic when i could see some text (i wrote it out!), if anyone knows what's wrong and how to fix it i'd be greatful Smile

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A Note :

The next time that you have a Kernel Panic, and are able to reboot, got to the Application "Console" and bring it up and then go to "Logs" in the upper l. hand corner. Click on it and all available log selections can be viewed.

Got to "/var/log", click on the pointer, click on the "crashreporter.log" and find on the right hand side in all the text, the time of the last freeze.

The above is for finding a hang.

Please verify for us that it was an actual KP, and not just a hang.

A KP has a pop-up alert that says something to the order of "there has been an error, you must restart your computer" (hey, it's been a loooong time since I've seen one on X).

A freeze/hang usually entails a lockup of everything but the menubar clock.

You can copy/paste text from the logs without worrying about mis-typing anything, and it's a LOT easier.

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Rule #1

Swap the RAM. In my experience bad or flaky RAM is the #1 cause of kernel panics in OS X.


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