Still closet cleaning

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Still closet cleaning

Two B&W G3s

1. A 350MHz, 128megs ram, CD-Rom drive, ATI video card, 6gig hard drive running either OS 9.1 or 9.2. 2 USB, 2 Firewire and a ethernet port A nice working machine. minor scuffing on the case from normal use and ready to run. $35.00 plus shipping from 76086. Shipping via USPS $35.00 includes delivery conformation 5 to 7 day delivery time.

2. A 350MHz, 128megs ram, CD-Rom drive, Zip 100 drive, 6gig hard drive, ATI Video card, 2 USB, 2Firewire and a ethernet port and running OS 9.2. A virtual twin of the one listed above except it has the zip drive.
$35.00 plus shipping from 76086. Shipping is via USPS and $35.00 including delivery comformation

3. A 6500/250, 128megs ram, CD-rom drive, 6gig hard drive, floppy drive, the AV hardware (svideo in/out) (RCA jacks in/out). ethernet card, ATI video card (not onboard video) displays great on a 19" monitor @1024X768 with millions of colors. its running OS 8.6. A very nice machine that is screaming to get out of my closet.
$35.00 plus shipping from 76086. Shipping is $35.00 via USPS with delivery conformation

All of the above are guarenteed NO DOA

4. A USB floppy drive. I have checked this little gem out and it works great. Stick a floppy in it ands it shows right up on my desktop in OS X and it reads it too. It is manual eject. Another nice plus. Its made by Microtech and guarrenteed NO DOA $20.00 Shipped from 76086.

5. Memory a 6X8X11 box of 168pin dimms. Well over 100 sticks of memory in it. These are pulls from 7300 to 9600 Macs. What megabyte per stick?? I saw some that said 8meg and others that said 32meg and some that looked like they had even more but had no tag or sticker saying what they were.
$25.00 shipped from 76086 via priority mail

6. A 6X7X7 box of 72pin simms. Close to or over a hundred memory sticks in this box. These came fom early Macs but which ones I do not know as they were already pulled when I got them. some are tagged and say 8megs. Others say 32megs. $25.00 shipped from 76086 via priority mail