Moving time

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Moving time

we are starting to pack up and move, and the wife says that the collection has to go

1X b/w G3 450mhz, 1024mb 40g CD Rage 128, FW/USB add-on cards (2FW, 3USB 1.1)
$100 shipped

IIsi in box with all manuals, extra RAM, crystal oscillator that i haven't installed yet, FPU card and network card
make me an offer on this one. i don't know what its worth

1x b/w G3 in peices right now, if desired i can put it together and get specs. i know that its rev 1
2x beige G3's one's a 468mhz g3 and i think the other ones a 300 or 350
Powermac 8600/300
performa 578 i think the mobo's bad but the rest of its good.
performa 6500/250

pickup is much appreciated. i am in upstate NY