an update for those who know me...

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an update for those who know me...

I haven't come on here for a while. I thought I'd fill you folks in on some things that have happened with me in the past 2 years. Smile

Well, first of all: I am married. You all knew when I got engaged... so this isn't a surprise.

And now, we are expecting our first child. It is a boy, and he is due in late October 2006.

I have current photos and ultrasound scans up on my myspace page for anyone who cares. Smile

Take care!
- Alison

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Alison, congratultions! Be s

Alison, congratultions! Be sure to post pics of the baby in a few months.

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Hey, congratulations! Those O

Hey, congratulations! Those October babies are the best. I know, I've got one. Looks like you're experiencing a bit of basketball jones in the recent pics. There's a mistake on your MySpace homepage, though. Your pic doesn't match your profile description: there's nothing "average" about that body type! (I'll say no more on that...) Best Wishes!

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(try and aim for the 31st)

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I'll concur with all the comm

I'll concur with all the comments so far. Having kids will certainly be a change in your life. That was the point where I really felt "grown-up," even more so that getting married. I'm sure you'll have fun, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

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Re: an update for those who know me...


Glad to hear you are doing well and have not completely left us.

(You are much younger than I thought... ...and the pic in the purple dress is a nice one Wink )

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Congratulations! Good to hear that you are doing so well!
Good luck with the little one (make him a 'fritter freak!).
Having a child is great, but wait until you have GRAND-
children! (I have 4!) Keep us all posted on your progress!

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