From AIO to minitower. The body switch identity crisis

My AIO is having an identity crisis, and has decided to go thru a body change operation. As you have seen, i have been buying parts for a G3 minitower Project. So far, i have on order is a Tower, and a Bezel and Wings card for a desktop. I received my MUCH needed DB15 to HD15 adapter today in the mail. For only $6.53 USD Shipped off of eBay.
After playing with the machine adapter and the machine. I have gotten the internal monitor turned off of the AIO, i have pulled out the personality card, and am booted from the machine, with my Panasonic FlatScreen CRT hooked to the port. albeit i have no sound, but i don't have to worry with just working with 1024x768 Resolutions. I am now at 1152x870. and am loving the res increase. This is all on the original Graphics card at 6MB VRAM total. I got an offer for a 16MB Video card pulled from a B&W, but i don't have any more money available to throw in the project. I hope i can get it one day soon.

Despite all the clutter i have on the desk, the machine works good, and i have the CRT running at 75hz. and it looks really cool. So far so good, now i gotta get the minitower and some other parts.

I will report back on the project...