A closet surprise

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A closet surprise

I'm still closet cleaning and came upon some older software for the ][ GS.

Apple ][ GS System software update ver 5.0. It has all the floppy disks, manuals and the box is in almost new condition. It has a little minor sciffing on the top but very little. The box also contains the floppy disks for Appleworks for the ][ GS, system, tools, utitilities and the program. however the appleworks disks are copies of the originals and they were in the box when I aquired it several years ago in a warehouse clean out. I'm asking $25.00 shipped for and it maybe worth far more than the $25.00 as I have never seen this software on e-bay or anywhere else.

Appleshare file server software ver 2.0. This box contains all the manuals (two unopened) and the floppy disks. Says it requires a dedicated Macintosh plus, SE or II computer to act as a file server. (I am quoting from the box). The box is a little rough in apperance, some scuffing and one corner is torn. (fixed with scotch tape). All the softeware is in the box as are all the manuals
and I'm asking $25.00 shipped from 76086.

Macintosh MacTerminal. Everything you need to set your mac up online before there was an internet. I was just glancing thru an Compuserve booklet that comes with the MacTerminal. and the rates in 1984 are simply outstanding (300baud $12.50 per hr daytime/evening night time $6.00 per hour) 1200baud daytime $15.00 per hour/evening night time $12.50 per hour) and I hear folks complain about how high the internet is today. Its a bargin today. Anyway back to the box. It even has the first Apple logo printed on the top of the inside of the box. Before the multicolored Apple. The box contains all the software and manuals (No Hardware) and is in very reasonable condition. Asking $25.00 shipped. Combined shipping available for purchases of more than one