Custom Pink 12: 800MHz G3 iBook with Airport Card

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Custom Pink 12: 800MHz G3 iBook with Airport Card
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Visit my eBay listing

This orignally cost me over $2000 and I have only used it a handful or times. ( I prefer to use my desk top at home and never thought to bring this on trips) I have had no problems from this book except that it does not work with the aiport card plugged in. (this could easily be fixed I'm told) The color is a nice deep pink with sparkles. There are slight scratches from normal wear and tear. The apple is also pink and glows pink when turned on. The plug, I tried to paint myself to match and it has started to flake off. Everything is included except the book and mauels wich you can download from I am also including the aiport card without cd. This is the info from the side of the box. (The box does have some stains from being stored) Please ask and and all questions you would like and I can send pictures of whatever you wish. I do not want to misrepresent what I am selling and want you to be happy! I will also be listing an aiport exteme (xteme) card in another auction but it cannot go in this laptop. I will also have a customized front case and back case that could go on this laptop within the next week.

*800 MHz PowerPC G3 Processor ; 512K level2 cache
* 128MB of SDRAM ; supports up to 640MB
*30GB Ultra ATA hard drive
*Combo drive (DVD- ROM/CD-RW)
*12.1 Inch (diagonal) TFT active-matrix XGA color display
*32MB of video memory to accelerate games
*Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and 56K modem
*Ready for airport wireless networking (802.11b standard)
*400-Mbps Firewire port; two 12-Mbps USB ports
*VGA video output; S-video and composite video output
*Audio port for connecting to external headphones or speakers
*Lithiium-ion battery for up to 5 hours running time (get about 3.5 right now)
Meets Energy Star requirements

Software included:

*Mac OS X and OS 9
*DVD Player
*MAC OS X Mail
*Quicken 2003 Delux
*World Book 2003
*Mac OS X Chess
*Otto Matic (great game!)
*Deimos Rising
*Acrobat Reader

I am also including a cd I have of Hot Tools For Jaguar Free Shipping and insurance with Buy It Now.

There are alot of pictures on the listing ans I can also email you pictures of anything else you would like to see.

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No link

There's no link to your auction. How much are you asking for? Where is your contact info?

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I'm SO SOrry! I thought I had

I'm SO SOrry! I thought I had posted a ya go


Starting bid is only $250
BIN Is Only $700 (with free shipping and insurance)

My email address is

edit: url changed to link - eeun

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