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Sparc Classic

Today, via freecycle, I managed to snag a working Sun Sparc Classic. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a keyboard or mouse (don't have any around here or know anyone north of the mason dixon with them either), and the person who gave it to me didn't give me the log in info. Is it possible to get into the unit remotely (either through a terminal app on one of my old 68k PowerBooks via modem cable or via ethernet)? I don't know the revision of Solaris on it, so I'm pretty much working blind here. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll be more than grateful for them. I'm planning to get an RS/6k box at some point in the near future as well so I can learn the many flavors of unix. (need to diversify)

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AFAIK if you don't hook up a

AFAIK if you don't hook up a kbd/ms it will default to serial console. Just hook up a serial null modem cable and run a term app on the other machine. If you want to drop it to the firmware, send BREAK a few times. That's the same as pressing Stop-A on the keyboard.

I've got a Classic in the basement lab that hasn't seen power in some time. Maybe I should dig it out an play with it one day...

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I can help ya out...

I have 2 sets of Sun Type5 Keyboards and 3 Button mice. The Type5 has Help, Escape, F1-F12, Print, Scroll, Pause/Break, Mute, Vol+, Vol+, and Power across the top. And a full set of old-school F1-F10ish keys that include the "Stop" key and clipboard functions.

For $10+ shipping (what I paid for both of mine) I'll send you a set. I currently have my old SS5 hooked up to a KVM adapter that uses a PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Since I'm running OpenBSD on it anyways none of the sun keys work as designed so I really don't need 2 keyboards and mice anymore.

Solaris 8 should work just fine on it, I think.

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