FS- PowerMac G4 and Clamshell iBook

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FS- PowerMac G4 and Clamshell iBook

For Sale-

Power Mac G4 Graphite. 400MHz/128MB/40GB/DVD-ROM
This machine is literally in mint condition. Could not find a scratch anywhere. Has a new 40GB hard drive with OS X installed.
Will be shipped in original box.
Asking $250 + shipping.

iBook G3 Blueberry
Has a few issues but it works ok.
-Needs new keyboard
-handle is loose. I've fixed several with pliers but I don't have time to mess with this one.
-missing cd-rom faceplace. I'll lnclude if I find it.
I think it has either 64 or 128MB RAM, 6GB Hdd. Boots right up to 9.2
Asking $90 including shipping, or best offer.

Please send any inquiries to thomas.ahart(at)gmail(dot)com