WTB: HP Pavilion a1010y Restore CDs

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WTB: HP Pavilion a1010y Restore CDs

Allright, yes, I know this is an odd WTB request. To make a long story short, I need a set of restore CDs for my sister's HP Pavilion desktop, model a1010y. HP doesn't include physical restore CDs with its PCs anymore, and only puts a recovery partition on the hard drive (along with an application you can run that will burn recovery CDs from images stored on the recovery partition). The recovery partition is gone on my sister's PC, and even though I shelled out $20 for a set of replacement discs from HP's parts store, the jerks sent me the wrong ones. I can't return the discs they sent me, and I'd try ordering the right ones again but I'm pretty sure they'd still send me the wrong ones.

So as highly unlikely as it is that someone out there has (or has access to) an a1010y, I figured I might as well ask. I'd be willing to PayPal a couple bucks to anyone willing to burn the recovery CDs and mail them to me (needs to be Windows MCE 2005). Before you ask, yes, this is completely legal; the machine was purchased with a valid Windows license. If you can help me out, PM me or shoot an e-mail to cwwirth@applefritter.com. Thanks!