With this ring?

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With this ring?
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Out of curiosity, can someone tell me what's the purpose of these metal rings you find on some old SCSI cables? This one came out of my PM8600.

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IIRC they are supposed to min

IIRC they are supposed to minimize interference.

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It's a ferrite bead/ring to r

It's a ferrite bead/ring to reduce RFI. They work. I ended up putting 4 on various wires/positions of my desktop speakers because my house wiring is old and it actually pickes up a radio station. There was a point were I could position the speakers and the RFI was strong enough to hear the radio on the other side of the room. With the ferrite cores I put on, I can barely make out the RFI by leaning in close to the speakers. For all the black magic of SCSI the ferrite beads really do work. It's just a matter of if you really need them or not in your particular setup.

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