Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

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Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

Okay, here goes...
This week, my wife and I moved to south Florida. The original plan was for it to be in a few weeks; instead, she found work (whereas my job offer tanked). So, she came down two weeks ago. Last week, the day after I came down, her brakes went on her car. Costs to repair - $1044! Okay, we'll use my car, a 1986 Chevy Celebrity. Ran fine, making the 100 mile daily round trip to where she is training right now (she'll actually be working much closer).
Last night, our luck finally ran out. The transmission in the Chevy dropped out. We are now without a car, flat broke, living with her family (not very comfortable) and without much hope until she gets her paycheck. The Palm Beaches are not a place to live without a car.
Just needed to vent. /Rant

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We'll be sending all our positive energy your way. Good luck!

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Dude, good luck man, ill keep

Dude, good luck man, ill keep you guys in my prayers!

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