Strange Issue With ASUS Motherboard

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Strange Issue With ASUS Motherboard

I picked up a somewhat stripped Socket 370 system this weekend. After adding some memory, AGP video card, sound and network cards and some drives, I got Windows 2000 installed to the computer.

It seems to work fine. However, on occasion when I restart the computer, I get a message that there was a hardware issue and to check the Power setting under CMOS. When I do this and go to hardware monitoring, the temperature is reported at 150-160 degrees Farenheit and slowly goes down to the case temp (85-90 on average). Also if you power the machine off before the self test is done, it thinks there was a problem with the CPU settings and asks you to set them again.

I checked the heatsink and the processor and it appeared that the thermal paste had solidified. After cleaning both off, I applied fresh thermal paste and remounted the heatsink.

What's strange about the temperature is that if you use hardware monitoring software it reports the case temperature most of the time. When you are placing a load on it, the temperature may go up to 110 degrees Farenheit. I'm not sure what is being reported as the CPU temperature - a thermal sensor underneath or an on-die sensor.

If it's the processor, I have a Celeron 600 that can be swapped in.

Any suggestions?

Hardware being used:
ASUS CUSL2-C with Intel i815EP chipset (no integrated sound/video)
Pentium 3-733mhz processor with Intel heastink/fan
256MB Kingston PC133 SDRAM
Generic TNT2 Vanta AGP video card with 16MB RAM
Yamaha DS-XG PCI sound card
Cabletron PCI network card with Digital 10/100 chipset
Panasonic 8x CD-RW (flaky)
Fujitsu 10GB hard drive

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Hey I doubt it would be th


I doubt it would be the processor, maybe try it with the Celeron chip and see if it has an effect?
I have an Asus SLi Motherboard with an Athlon 3800 Dual core processor, and I used to get weird messages regarding the fan speed.. While the fan speed appeared to be running normal (no chance of lack of power, and I have a 700W ATX in it), I decided to disable the warnings in the BIOS and the machine run's fine. I left it on for 7 hours, and the processor was at normal temperature..

Maybe there is an issue with some ASUS motherbaords, I'm not sure..

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So far so good

I've disabled the temperature sensor for the CPU. If it were an Athlon processor, I would be worried but so far it's running OK.

Windows 2000 has been removed and Ubuntu is in its place.

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