FS: NuPower 233MHz G3 for 1400, RAM (FEELER!)

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FS: NuPower 233MHz G3 for 1400, RAM (FEELER!)

Hello all!

I am now again seriously considering selling my PERFECTLY FUNCTIONING 233MHz G3 upgrade (512K L2, by Vimage) from my PowerBook 1400c. I have lots of machines around here and it's time to shift some things around. I am NOT however completely committed; however if I see strong interest/demand, (especially offers of the machine I'm after) that will do it for me. Biggrin

The upgrade will ship along with the installation manual, and what I BELIEVE to the its original box minus the outer "sleeve" (think of what you get if you buy a PCI card for what I mean on the "sleeve.") Also included is the rubber "shim" to mate the processor to the 1400's heat sink, if you'd call it that. I will of course include the extension to enable the L2. The screwdriver WON'T be included however, as I didn't receive it myself.

As an additional bonus, (wow I must be nuts) with your purchase you will also receive the RAM from my machine, which will max out yours completely (in my case, it takes me to 64MB.) Yours maxed out already? Then sell 'er off for a profit. Smile

I'm rather firm on a minimum of $89 + shipping; if you're willing to pay more you may want to mention that to me considering this thing is pretty rare. Also, if you're signaling intent to buy, I want references, preferrably eBay references. My eBay id is 0cm, score of 11, 100% positive.

I am considering also a trade for a fully functioning Wallstreet/Pismo/Lombard, that can be missing the following: the HD, the AC adapter, and RAM (some small amount would be better). It MUST have SVideo out, Kangas need not apply. If you've got one lying around do tell (as this is what I'm basically after.)

I would consider less seriously a 500MHz+ PIII laptop missing the RAM and HD that will take PC100 that is in fully functioning condition.

The final transaction, in the event of a cash sale, may be completed via eBay for my protection.

DrBunsen is in line first btw, and ar99 is in second per my previous promises.

Any questions PM me.