for cheap or free: PowerMac 8500 system; local pick-up ONLY; New York City (ZIP 11104)

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for cheap or free: PowerMac 8500 system; local pick-up ONLY; New York City (ZIP 11104)

Hi everybody! It's getting-rid-of-extra-computers time for me. I have two PowerMac 8500s I am ready to let go of. Here is the first one; the second one I will post later.

I am willing to give this computer away, with a color monitor and a color printer (HP inkjet), to anyone who wants to give it a good home and can come pick it up from where I live (ZIP code 11104) on a day and at a time that's convenient to me.

I am offering this computer, with the monitor and printer, free if you just want the original 1GB hard drive and an original-or-close-to-it (i.e. 604 or 604e) CPU. If you want a 9GB hard drive instead, that's $50. If you want a G3 CPU instead, that's also $50. Either way, the machine will have 128MB of RAM. You can buy a keyboard and a mouse from me for $20 each (i.e. $40 for the pair). So, if you want a complete system on the cheap, it's just $40; if you want it souped up, it's $140 complete - still cheap.

If you want any of this stuff that involves you paying me, please bring USA cash, $20 bills and smaller.

Please contact me by e-mail (abe149 at if you are interested and you can pick it up. If you do so, then please let me know what setup you will want, vis-a-vis hard drive and CPU. Please e-mail to me at least one week in advance of when you want to come and get it so I can get the machine ready for you. Also, let me know if you want Mac OS [7.5.3 up to 9.1, inclusive] on the hard drive, and if so, which one. If not, then I will just give it to you blank, but formatted (HFS Plus).