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Analysis on Apple

Hello everyone. I am a student at a University working on a project analyzing Apple. If anyone can can give me information and/or links to where I can gather material for this project, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I need: Product innovations, Process Innovations, Government Regulations affecting Apple, Global issues affecting Apple, Technological Innovations, and patents Apple has. Thank you very much for your time.

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Hi, and welcome to Applefritt

Hi, and welcome to Applefritter.

Most of us here have the same resources that are available to you. A Google search for Apple Computer history has a treasure trove of information.

There's also wikipedia, and for more in-depth information has a large number of historical, business and biographical books on Apple

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Let's give her a hand, 'Fritters!

I spoke with Bellachica in person yesterday and she's got a great project going for her class. She needs more insights than I can provide, so I sent her here. Everybody who's got a spare minute or two, could you please take the time to help her out?

Bellachica, perhaps you could post some more focused questions for the 'Fritters to respond to. Maybe a bullet-pointed list?

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