Want to meet with an Apple II gs owner in Québec, Canada

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Want to meet with an Apple II gs owner in Québec, Canada

Hi everybody

I need to meet someone who owns an Apple II gs computer, living in Quebec, Canada.
I am based in Sherbrooke, which around 100 miles southeast of Montreal.

What I exactly need, is to transfer some data from a 5.25" disk that I have programmed a good while ago. I was programming stuff at school when I was 15 years old, and now the disk is 16 years old, it was never put in a disk drive since. I hope the data is ok, it should be.

I just want to "immortalize" the data by transferring it to PC format, using ADT120 software. That's why I need the gs model, because it has a serial port I can hook up my laptop to it. I read enough on this on the internet, I know what to do, I just need an Apple II gs in working order. I know that this could be done by shipping the actual disk, but I would prefer to do it myself, just so I can brag about it.

I don't want to buy the Apple, just want to use it. In exchange, the Apple II gs owner will have my eternal gratitude, for all it's worth, and who knows, we could end up being best buddies in the world! (maybe I'm pushing it a little bit)

So that's it, If you are this person, or know someone who knows someone else that is near me, just send me a message!

Thanks in advance,