System 7.5.5 screen re-draw snappier than 7.1?

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System 7.5.5 screen re-draw snappier than 7.1?

I've got a stock CC with ram maxed out to 10MB. It has 3 partitions on the hard drive so I've been checking out the pros and cons of going beyond the reccommended system 7.1

One thing I have noticed is that the screen re-draw in 7.5.3 and 7.5.5 is much snappier. In 7.1 the startup splash screen can perceptibly be seen being 'drawn' and 'undrawn' - the same with the OS drop down menus, especially the apple menu.
In 7.5.3 and beyond this sluggish GUI aspect is not apparent. It actually gives the impression that 7.5.5 performs faster than 7.1

Are the video drivers in 7.5.3+ simply better / more suitable for the CC? I missing some extra video driver in 7.1?