Re-install Imac tray load OS using Performa 6320?

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Re-install Imac tray load OS using Performa 6320?


Can I transfer the HD for an Imac G3 (6 G) into a Performa 6320, re-format the drive, install OS 9.2.2, and then transfer back to an Imac tray load G3-333 directly with out any changes to speak of? The Imac CD drive is broken, but I want to install 9.2.2 after reformating the drive.

Re-stating: I would like to use the performa to do a format and install on the drive from the Imac. I would plan to pull the drive from the Imac, plug that drive into the Performa IDE, do the os install, and then re-install the drive in the Imac (with a defective CD Drive.) Hopefully when the drive is re-installed in the Imac, the Imac is ready to run.

I do not have a firewire enclosure (yet) to use with a working Emac, and the USB enclosure does not seem to allow me to re-format the drive with the emac.

Just wanted to ask about that plan to use the performa before I purchased a firewire enclosure.


NOTE: the IDE position in the performa is quite easily accessed with the front panel removed. Since I have already pulled the HD from the Imac, that would be an easy rout ... if it worked.

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Not exactly

OS 9.1 is the limit for older Macs (without patching the OS, at least).

If have a 9.1 install CD around, you're all set. Otherwise, you'll have to explore other options.

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Thank you for quick reply!

Thank you for the quick reply. I think I have an older OS that I can install that way to get me going.

Much appreciated!


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one thing tho, by doing the i

one thing tho, by doing the install on your old world mac, the installer might not put the mac os rom file in the system folder. without it, your new world imac wont boot.

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#1 Reason OS 9 was awesome...

You can drag and drop the system folder onto ANY OS 9 bootable Mac. Therefore if you install with the Performa, it will boot in the iMac.

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The durability of the Classic Mac OS ...

It's sturdy, reliable, and hard to kill. At my work, we have a fairly large number of machines still running os 8 and 9. Main reasons being reliability and scientific hardware/software that was never updated for X. In fact, today I set up a tray load iMac at my desk as a testing platform so I can better support those folks.

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OS9 Helper

You can install 9.2.2 on pre-G3 Macs using OS9 Helper.

Whether or not you can then transfer that 9.2.2 to an iMac without a glitch, I wouldn't know.

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