Trouble connecting Newton to Powerbook G3

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Trouble connecting Newton to Powerbook G3

Hi all. I have a Newton MessagePad 100 that i have been using for some time now with a Mac Classic II. Currently I am doing what I can to get rid of my collection of old Macs and narrow it down to those that are most useful. I have a Wallstreet that I have set up with OS 9.2 as a "classic" Mac. I installed the Newton connection software and tried to sync my Newton to it. The problem is the Newton does not see the Powerbook. As I recall, years ago when I was trying to use this Newton with my Quadra 800 (or 7500, i don't rember exactly which one) i couldn't get it to work either which is why I used the Classic II. Anyone else had any trouble connecting their Newton to a Powerbook G3? Thanks guys for any input. It's a shame I can't use the Newton with my MacBook Pro lol.