AirPort basestations ans Newtons

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AirPort basestations ans Newtons

As I understand it, there is a communication/security issue between a Newton's WiFi capability and the AirPort Extreme base station.

So here are my questions:
1. Is there anyway to dumb down my basestation to make this work?
2. If I have to downgrade to a lesser base station, what should I try to get instead?


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I think it really depends on

I think it really depends on the card/security combo. The WaveLAN Silver only supports up to 40-bit WEP, and the Gold supports 104-bit WEP. No forms of WPA (or probably LEAP) are supported, and I think you need some kind of third party thing to connect to a WEP network in the first place.
I would try setting the network to no encryption, and if that doesn't work, set the base station to 802.11b mode only.

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